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Halawa with Pistachio Extra Tower -800g

11.00 CHF
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Halawa with Pistachio Tower -800g

9.99 CHF
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Halva Shamsine Pistachios 700g

7.50 CHF
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Halva Shamsine with pistachios 350g

3.99 CHF
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Halva with Pistachio Extra Tower -400 g

6.95 CHF
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Tahini sweetness with pistachio tower -400g

5.50 CHF
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Tahra pistachio sweetness -350g

4.50 CHF
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Tahra pistachio sweetness -700g

8.50 CHF
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Sweet halva or chamomile is one of the foods that are rich in benefits and vitamins that are beneficial to human health. It is also popular in children and adults. Sweet halva has a sweet taste for containing sugar. It strengthens the immune system and increases the activity of the body. Full Day .
Halawa is one of the most famous sugars, originally made up of sesame, sugar and flour mixed together to produce halva. It is known that many nuts or dried fruits are added to give them a delicious taste.