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Foul medammas (fava beans) is considered the first popular dish in Syria. It’s a main dish favored by many families during Ramadan, and it’s considered as a main dish on the breakfast meal during the rest of the year for the rest of the Arab countries.
It’s is a very rich legume of protein and everyone can afford it, that’s why it’s called the flesh of the poor. It has many important health benefits; It contains important elements that work together in building the human body.
There’re several ways to prepare foul like the types that we offer over here in our menu; there’re foul with cumin and oil and chili, foul with chickpeas, foul with cumin and oil and lemon, broad medammas, foul with Egyptian recipe, foul with Lebanese recipe, foul with Damascene recipe, foul with Alexandrinum recipe with tahina (sesame paste), foul with Palestinian recipe, foul with cumin and lemon and chili, foul with tahina (sesame paste), foul with cumin, foul with cumin and chili.