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Basra Pass Molps Mola -450g

4.95 CHF
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Debs Tamar Osman Food -250g

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Molasses dates durra -600g

4.20 CHF
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Molasses Dates Jamed Osman Food – 400g

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Pomegranate molasses -1kg

5.50 CHF
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Pomegranate Molasses Osman Food -350g

3.20 CHF
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The spread of pomegranate molasses has recently become stronger in Arab cuisine. The pomegranate molasses are thick liquid, prepared from the juice extracted from the pomegranate seeds. Pomegranate molasses have a distinctive taste, very acidic slightly tilted to sweetness, dark color between the yeast and brown, and add to the salads and cold appetizers basically.

Pomegranate molasses provide nutritional value similar to that offered by pomegranate juice, since it is made from it mainly. Pomegranate molasses suit the taste of meat, can be added to it before Xie, can also be added to the "lingui" to get a distinctive taste.

It is the most nutritious food that benefits the body and mind. It can also extract a lot of medicines and antibiotics as it reduces the cholesterol in the body and Preventing atherosclerosis due to its containment of pectin, and prevents the incidence of cancer of the digestive system, especially cancer of the large intestine and other benefits.