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Canned peas Durra -800 g

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Green fields white beans -400g

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Green Foul Durra 850 g

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Green Okra Othman Food 850g

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Bean is a leguminous plant that has a kidney shape. It has a variety of kinds like the white one, that is widely spread in many countries around the world. There’re many dishes that cooked with beans including main dishes, soups and salads.
It has many health benefits to the human body. It’s rich with many essential nutrients. It contains good amounts of fiber, as well as proteins that need long time to digest, thus giving a longer feeling of satiety, and it contains many other elements of vitamins and minerals. The green one also has many benefits to the body. it contains calcium, fiber, iron, folic acid and many other important elements. As for the red one, it’s of a great nutritional value, plus, it’s a popular one in many countries of the world, notably China, Brazil and America, as well as India, and it could be eaten dried or canned, where it’s used to prepare soups, salads or side dish with rice. Items from our rich menu: red kidney beans, quail beans, white giant beans, cooked white beans with tomato sauce, etc.