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Semolina Medium Hikayat Siti 800 Grams

2.50 CHF
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Smooth Semode Serra -1kg

2.99 CHF
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The semolina is made from dry and harsh wheat grains, after being thoroughly purified and cleaned of impurities, which are small grains of yellowish color. They are placed in the pot, climb, dried in the sun, then mashed manually or by the crunching machine. It has two types: soft or coarse. The two types vary according to the degree of milling. It is used in preparing dough and making sweets, It is rich in many nutrients such as proteins, fiber and vitamins. It is also a fast source of energy. This type of food is characterized by the possibility of preparing many healthy food dishes, whether it is sweets or main dishes, such as pasta dishes, sweets , and pastries.