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It is a special type of tea called melted tea or dead tea. Those who know this tea know that in addition to its distinctive taste, it has special amusing rituals. It is a tea that brings together family and friends in long sessions. It is not like any other tea that ends once the cup is finished, but with the end of the cup is refilled again to prolong the session and the length of the conversations. Cheetah tea is the staple drink in South America, especially Argentina, which is considered the first beverage. It has been passed from culture to culture around the world, reaching Lebanon and Syria. This rare and unique drink is made from dried leaves of the Ilex paraguariensis plant that spreads in South America. The plant grows in the wild and can be grown as other types of tea. Drain the leaves of this plant and then soak in the cup of the dead allocated, and is drunk by a special sucker ends with small holes prevent the leakage of tea leaves with water.