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Durra coarse green freekeh 450g

4.50 CHF
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Freekeh Baladna 800g

7.50 CHF
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Freekeh Municipality of Isla -850 g

7.00 CHF
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Massa Municipality Freeka -800 g

6.50 CHF
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Wheat peeled tunsa 900 gr

3.50 CHF
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Freekeh in Syria or Frik in Egypt or in the Kerala In the north of Iraq wheat or green wheat grain is grown in green wheat before drying. Its saplings are harvested green and exposed to heat by means of burning. Then it is scrambled to be like bulgur, cooked as the broccoli is cooked on meat water and large pieces of meat are placed over it. Usually eaten with yogurt.
Fryka is a type of whole grain that has been known since ancient times, especially in the Arab countries. It has many nutritional and therapeutic benefits. It is extracted from hard wheat seeds. It is harvested before it is fully mature. It is roasted and rubbed. It contains the flavor of smoked foods and taste. Nuts have an oval shape and a harsh feel similar to Frik.