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Harissa Nadour tribal homeland 70g

1.99 CHF
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Molasses Hot Pepper Durra -650 g

4.95 CHF
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Othman pepper molasses -360g

3.50 CHF
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Tunisian mash Nador 135g

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Peppers are one of the most important and appealing vegetables that humans eat in their daily lives. They have two types: sweet one and hot one. They are a paste type that is prepared primarily with peppers, where it is prepared in the hot summer in the Levant cuisine, and especially in Syria. It is used to add a delicious flavor to the food, and it’s preferred by many people as a kind of basic flavoring in some meals. Where it is added to various dishes or presented as an appetizer with the main dishes, plus, it’s a main ingredient in several main recipes, and various appetizers and pickles. And it has so much benefits that are good for the human body because it contains many nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and others.