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Mushrooms of the types of vegetables that are added to many recipes, it is onThere are some items that make up an important and nutritious ingredient in most dishes giving delicious flavor and beautiful color, including mushrooms and corn. There is also a rich food product with admirers of different ages, which is truffle.
Mushrooms are one of the most important ingredients added to many recipes and dishes such as pasta, as well as many pizza recipes. It has many health benefits, as it’s an alternative to meat, and it’s an important food especially for children in the stage of growth because it contains a high proportion of carbohydrates.
As for truffle, it’s a name of a family of fungus, a seasonal wild mushroom that grows in the desert and it’s considered one of the finest and most valuable desert fungi. It has many benefits as it’s a store of valuable iron and calcium.
e of the most important ingredients added to the various recipes of pasta, in addition to various pizza recipes. Fungus has many health benefits, it is the first alternative to meat, and the containment of a high proportion of carbohydrates makes it an important food component especially for children in their development.